drama / thriller


SEPTEMBER 5 depicts the terrorist attack during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich from a unique perspective: the true story of an American sports broadcast crew forced to transition to news coverage on that fateful day, marking the first live broadcast of terrorism in history. At the heart of the story is Geoff, a young and ambitious producer striving to prove himself to his boss, the legendary TV executive Roone Arledge. Together with Marianne, a German interpreter, Geoff unexpectedly takes the helm of the live coverage. As narratives shift, conflicting rumors spread, and the hostages‘ lives hang in the balance, Geoff grapples with tough decisions while confronting his own moral compass – How do you cover a situation like this, if what the perpetrators want is the spotlight you give.


Philipp Trauer, Thomas Wöbke, Tim Fehlbaum